About Me

In 2014 I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and in Sociology through the Honors College at Western Carolina University. For many years, I had the goal of getting an undergraduate degree in psychology, then continuing to obtain a master’s (and perhaps one day a doctorate) in clinical psychology. However, in my senior year at Western Carolina, I had the opportunity to obtain a work study position in the Student Support Services department. This position opened up my eyes to the daily activities that are involved with being an administrative professional in a college setting. This exposure had me drawn to the idea of becoming an academic advisor. I considered many possibilities of how to achieve that goal, but I was still stuck on the idea of completing my graduate coursework in psychology.

As the year progressed, I decided to start searching for potential opportunities at local colleges, and found that many positions that interested me required a Master’s degree in higher education. Originally, I dismissed it and moved on, but after seeing that requirement so many times, it finally sunk in: I need to pursue a degree in Higher Education Administration.

Reflecting on the different activities and experiences I had during my undergraduate career, I was surprised this revelation had not came sooner. I was involved in many activities that directly related to Student Affairs such as peer advising, volunteering for Open House, and being a part of my dorm’s Resident Hall Council. All of which I enjoyed doing on my own accord never realizing it was something people make careers out of.

After taking a brief hiatus from school, I am more than ready to jump back into academia, and am currently planning on attending a graduate program in Higher Education for the 2016-2017 school year.